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    “Kumar is very good in Marketing, CVM & Digital Marketing. He has deep insights and comes up with innovative solutions that are based on sound data analysis. He is very good in MS Excel and other data analysis tools like BI.”

    Lawrence Fernandez

    COO, EmPay

    What you get:

    Who is the Real DarkLord? - Text & Date Functions

    In Koramangala, Bangalore, the police caught a gang doing movie-piracy.

    The police wanted to find out their leader, known by the nickname of DarkLord and quickly narrowed down the suspects.

    The police reached out to you to help them crack these clues, as you are the Excel & Data Analysis expert in town.

    You have to help the police in finding out the real DarkLord using your Excel skills!!


    What is it all about?

    I am Kumar BM, a Growth Marketer & Revenue Planner with over eighteen years of work experience in B2B and B2C companies / Start-ups in Marketing (Head of Marketing, Growth Hacking, Product Management), and Strategic & Revenue Planning. I have worked closely with CMOs/CEOs of few companies and made strategic & financial plans.

    I and my Co-Founder (Nikhil Gupta) do not offer the regular Excel training course. I offer a unique training on MS Excel, which includes games, puzzles and lots of fun, while learning MS Excel!!

    What I offer are puzzles and games. So, you will have fun playing these games.

    And did I mention, you also learn Excel along the way!

    Thus, anyone can learn Excel in a fun way, whether you are student in Class 8th, a Professional or an Entrepreneur!

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