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save your time & learn excel without the painful struggle

I will be starting with a few basic concepts of Excel, like Mathematical functions, IF Statements etc so that even newbies can join the workshop.
Then I will cover advanced topics like Pivot Tables, Demo of Macros & more.
All while solving FUN Excel puzzles!

Basics of Excel, Maths Functions & More
Pivot Tables, IF Statements, Tips & Tricks
Intro to Excel Macros & Live Demos

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excel mentor

Learn from the best in the field

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Kumar B.M

Growth Marketer & revenue planner
MBA - IIM Ahmedabad, Electronics Engineer - SVNIT Surat
18+ Years of work experience in companies & startups

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Basics to Advanced Excel in 2 - Hours
Watch, Do & Learn within the Workshop
Membership to Excel Mastermind Group
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INR 799

Kumar is a Growth Marketer & Revenue Planner with over eighteen years of work experience in B2B and B2C companies / Start-ups in Marketing (Head of Marketing, Growth Hacking, Product Management), and Strategic & Revenue Planning.

He has worked closely with CMOs/CEOs of few companies and made strategic & financial plans. He has been teaching courses on Networking, Excel and Analytics to corporates and students.

Education: MBA from IIM Ahmedabad + Electronics Engineer from NIT Surat

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